Digital Replicas for Behavioral Insights

CivicSync is an AI-powered solution to conduct instant Market Research & Surveys, via digital replicas of real human beings.

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Meeting current gaps while unlocking new perspectives
CivicSync's Solution

A platform bringing together thousands of consumers’ digital replicas, which can be surveyed in real time, at any time, from anywhere. CivicSync gives you instant and behavioral insights about your target audience.

    Gain instant access to rich behavioral insights
    We spend a lot of time online. CivicSync's tracker helps you get actionable insights into your users' online activities.

    Elevate your customer profiling with fully authorized and verified data on real consumer behavior across all their devices. Gain insights into their search queries, social media interactions, streaming habits, and shopping purchases.

    How do We Create a Digital Replica?

    Our ever-growing catalog of digital replicas consists of diverse real humans from various demographics, catering to all your needs and preferences. Each CivicSync Replica represents one unique and real human being.
      1. CivicSync tracker setup

        Participants install our tracker on their internet enabled devices.

      2. Data Sharing

        Their browsing and app usage activity is shared with CivicSync in real-time: news consumption, social media engagement, online purchases, mobile apps use, etc.

      3. Digital Replica

        With this collected data, we create digital replicas that accurately and faithfully reflect the individual’s interests, tastes, opinions, and decision-making processes

      4. Answering questions

        The replica is then alternatively used as a respondent – it simulates the behavior and decision-making processes of the original individual thanks to AI

      5. Human Replication

        These replicas respond to our questions just as their human counterparts would

    Convinced? Great. Create your digital replica now! Your data is fascinating. You will be able to chat with your own digital replica and learn more about yourself.
    Create my Digital Replica

    How it Works?
    Gain insights with CivicSync in just a few easy steps

    For qualitative insights, select our CivicSync focus group solution for comprehensive, open-ended responses. To validate hypotheses across a broader sample, utilize our CivicSync survey tool for extensive data collection.


    Select your target demographics from our extensive catalog of tens of thousands of real individuals.

    Choose your audience based on location, age, education, income, marital status, and more to tailor responses to your questions!

      Get answers

      Submit your questions

      Start querying your selected sample with open-ended questions for focus groups or predefined answers in our survey tool. Our AI accurately simulates real responses based on behavioral data, ensuring reliable insights.
        Analyze answers

        Rinse and repeat

        Get instant insights

        CivicSync will instantly respond to your questions. Analyze the results, and maintain ongoing interaction with your audience to consistently uncover answers to all your "whys?"

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            Ogilvy Paris, working in partnership with a New York research startup called CivicSync, has created a bespoke tool dubbed 'BrAInjuice.'.
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            CB News

            Everything is changing, even the traditional focus groups. Ogilvy Paris has unveiled BrAInjuice, an AI-based tool developed with the startup CivicSync, which could revolutionize qualitative research.
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            Ogilvy Paris announced today that it is collaborating with New York based start-up CivicSync to create an AI powered tool that will help brands dig for insights more quickly, cost-effectively, strategists to observe behavior.
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            The Media Leader

            In early March, Ogilvy unveiled BrAInjuice, encroaching on research institutes' territory. The tool uses CivicSync's panel data to create virtual twins that respond "80% like the original members," said CivicSync CEO Moshe Borouchov.

          Why CivicSync?
          The CivicSync Benefits

          CivicSync offers a diverse demographics, making it cost-effective and quicker than traditional lengthy methods. CivicSync is not limited by self-reported data, we harness real-time internet behavior to provide accurate insights.
          • FASTER
            Results in seconds – instant & limitless questions, data readily available online.
          • 2X
            Two times cheaper than traditional research.
          • 100%
            Behavioral data insights - based on actual online interactions & decisions patterns.
            Our technology allows us to reach and understand a broader and more international demographic representation.

          Testimonial List
          Used by the world's most innovative teams

          • Melanie Huggins

            "I’m so excited about this tool [CivicSync] because whilst it should never replace human research, it will enhance our understanding of how to connect brands with humans in a more meaningful way."

            Melanie Huggins, Chief Strategy Officer of Ogilvy Paris
          • mathieu_plassard

            "The development of this new tool will put Ogilvy Paris at the forefront of AI, not just in France but around the world too."

            Mathieu Plassard, President of Ogilvy Paris
          • duarte

            "I found CivicSync a game-changer! Its ability to deliver relevant information in real-time was impressive. The platform's advanced AI analytics and capacity to replicate human thoughts allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my TA."


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