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Discover consumer insights faster with CivicSync. Rapid and precise, CivicSync revolutionizes how you understand your audience, leaving conventional methods behind. All in one intuitive platform

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    Effortless focus groups and surveys

    Select from our qualitative or quantitative tools to instantly create a focus group or survey.
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      Choose your target audience

      Choose your target demographics from our vast database of thousands of personas, each trained on real human internet behaviors, to participate in your survey or focus group.
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        Receive immediate answers to your questions

        Our AI models replicate human responses with remarkable precision, delivering instant results to inform your critical business and strategic decisions tailored to your customers and target audience.

        How it Works?
        Gain insights with CivicSync in just a few easy steps

        For qualitative insights, select our CivicSync focus group solution for comprehensive, open-ended responses. To validate hypotheses across a broader sample, utilize our CivicSync survey tool for extensive data collection.

        Select your target demographics from our extensive catalog of tens of thousands of real individuals.

        Choose your audience based on location, age, education, income, marital status, and more to tailor responses to your questions!

          Get answers
          Submit your questions

          Start querying your selected sample with open-ended questions for focus groups or predefined answers in our survey tool. Our AI accurately simulates real responses based on behavioral data, ensuring reliable insights.
            Analyze answers

            Rinse and repeat
            Get instant insights

            CivicSync will instantly respond to your questions. Analyze the results, and maintain ongoing interaction with your audience to consistently uncover answers to all your "whys?"

              News Highlights: CivicSync's Impact

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                The Drum

                Ogilvy Paris, working in partnership with a New York research startup called CivicSync, has created a bespoke tool dubbed 'BrAInjuice.'.
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                CB News

                Tout change, même les statutaires focus groups. Ogilvy Paris dévoile ainsi BrAInjuice. Un outil basé sur l'IA, développé avec la startup CivicSync, qui pourrait révolutionner les études qualitatives.
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              • Roatbrief US


                Ogilvy Paris announced today that it is collaborating with New York based start-up CivicSync to create an AI powered tool that will help brands dig for insights more quickly, cost-effectively, strategists to observe behavior.
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              Why CivicSync?
              The CivicSync Benefits

              CivicSync offers a diverse demographics, making it cost-effective and quicker than traditional lengthy methods. CivicSync is not limited by self-reported data, we harness real-time internet behavior to provide accurate insights.
              • FASTER
                Results in seconds
              • 2X
              • 100%
                Behavioral data insights

              Testimonial List
              Used by the world's most innovative teams

              • Melanie Huggins

                I’m so excited about this tool [CivicSync] because whilst it should never replace human research, it will enhance our understanding of how to connect brands with humans in a more meaningful way

                Melanie Huggins, Chief Strategy Officer of Ogilvy Paris
              • mathieu_plassard

                The development of this new tool will put Ogilvy Paris at the forefront of AI, not just in France but around the world too

                Mathieu Plassard, President of Ogilvy Paris

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